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about the fbi investigation that ended the cia career of retired general david petraeus. senior members of the house and senate intelligence committees say they should have been told sooner about a possible security breach. danielle lee is on capitol hill now with the latest on the story that is still evolving. danielle? >> reporter: good evening, doreen. the fbi says no laws were broken, but some lawmakers say the affair put david petraeus in a compromised position. and that they say could have threatened national security. lawmakers are criticizing the fbi for initially keeping secret an investigation that led to the downfall of former cia director david petraeus. >> to have swop out there in such a sensitive position that the fbi thought could have been compromised or under the scope of an fbi investigation, who may or may not have been having an afarp at the time, that had to have been brought to the president or the security council. >> reporter: they say the investigation started out months ago with the potential case of
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cyber harassment. jill kelley, a friend of petraeus, said she was receiving anonymous threatening e-mails. the fbi traced those e-mails to petraeus' biographer paula broadwell. and in the process discovered she and petraeus had had an affair. a former spokesman for petraeus said this of the relationship. >> the affair started approximately two months after he was in the cia and ended about four months ago. >> reporter: according to officials, the fbi didn't report the incident to petraeus' boss or congress or the president. until concluding its investigation last week. the president accepted petraeus' resignation friday. >> it's very puzzling. and i think was a mistake, because this thing just came so fast and so hard, and since then it's been like peeling an onion. >> reporter: roger is defending the fbi. >> but once the fbi concluded there was no national security breach by the cia director, there was really nothing there. >> reporter: he said he's more concerned about what happens next. as congress investigates the
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attack in benghazi, libya, as with now without testimony from petraeus. acting cia director mike morerel will testify in petraeus' place this week. the congress said at some point this will likely call on the former four-star general to testify as well. danielle lee, news4. a developing story in montgomery county, maryland, now, a 19-year-old tonight is in police custody after allegedly making threats to shoot people at montgomery college. it happened this afternoon on the rockville campus. pat clins there now with reaction from students and more on what might be a motive behind this. pat? >> reporter: jim, it appears a broken heart led to some shooting threats that resulted in police action here at montgomery college. this 19-year-old man brought in for questioning today, after he allegedly made threats to shoot people at montgomery college's rockville campus. according to a school
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spokesperson, the man, a student himself, was upset after a relationship fell apart. he told some other student that he felt like shooting people. his exact words went like this. >> the security instant notification said that he felt like shooting people just for fun. >> reporter: the student witnesses told security officers at the school about the incident. the rockville police were called in. the man was tracked down eating lunch. now, this happened around 2:00 this afternoon. school was in session. but because of the circumstances, they felt no need for an alert. >> why was there no need for an alert? >> because this was not an active incident. this was a concerned generalized statement that somebody made. but it was of concern. and so our security office took the protocol that they were following, to contact the police, work in partnership with
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the police and find this student and identify the student as quickly as possible. >> reporter: reaction now from some students. >> it's actually kind of shocking. i ner expected something like that to happen. >> that's kind of scary. i didn't even know about it. i was in class all day. >> you just don't say that out loud in the public. because people, as you said, people report it. which means they thought more into it than just what he probably thought he meant. >> reporter: now, no gun was found. no one was injured. but tonight the school issued a letter of trespass against the student. it bars him from the campus for three years unless he gets special permission from the college. the investigation is still going on. live in rockville, pat collins, news4. thank you, pat. metro added trains for the evening rush hour tonight, but there are still crowded platforms at some stations right
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now. this new video from the friendship heights station comes after complaints from the morning commute, because the transit system was on a saturday schedule because of the veterans day holiday today. despite the federal holiday, a lot of people were still having to work and there was also single tracking on the red, green and orange lines. some passengers say they waited up to 45 minutes for a train. >> i went down into the bethesda station this morning at 9:00. and there was many people leaving it going in, and when the train arrived it was packed. only a few people could get on. today there was clearly a real screwup. >> metro says the track work and the schedule were pre-planned. the system is expected to resume normal service tomorrow. enjoy the last little bit of this nice weather. because big changes could make for a nasty commute for us tomorrow. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer joins us with what is coming next. >> doreen, there are huge changes.
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temperatures tomorrow will be about 30 degrees cooler than they were during the day today. you're going to wake up and notice a huge difference. 63 the current number out there right now, winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. not a lot of rain around our region right now. but there are a few showers, most of this on the lighter side. down towards fauquier county, culpepper county, all moving to the north right along the blue ridge here. we'll continue to watch as these showers move to the north. the rain back to the west is associated with the cold front, moving through overnight. we'll see moderate to heavy rain toward your morning hours. boy, are those temperatures going to be coming down. 63 here in washington. 39 in columbus, ohio. we can see where the cold front is. 67 in morgantown. only 50 in pittsburgh. the numbers dropping very, very quickly. they'll continue to do so right through your morning. i'll show you what to expect when you wake up tomorrow morning and what to expect the next few days as well. you haven't needed the coats much. you'll need them tomorrow. route 75 in frederick county
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is expected to be closed for hours now, after a deadly crash there. this afternoon, two people were killed, three others were injured when a tractor-trailer collided with a pickup truck. maryland state police believe the tractor-trailer was going around a sharp curve when it turned over. and crushed the smaller truck. two people in that pickup truck were killed. gasoline rationing is ending in new jersey. the state imposed the rationing after hurricane sandy. governor chris christie said gas supplies are now plentiful and the rationing will end tomorrow. no word on what will happen to a similar gas rationing plan in new york city and on long island. that started last friday and remains in place toght. three navy ships are back in virginia tonight after helping the northeast part of the country recover from that storm. two ships are based in norfolk, one in virginia beach. the ships were used as a landing platform during search and recovery missions. the servicemen and women worked on restoration efforts in staten
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island, new york city and on new jersey's barrier islands. the crew also repaired the hoboken ferry terminal. america spent the day honoring the nation's veterans one day after the official veterans day holiday. in dallas, hundreds lined the street for the annual veterans day parade. a similar scene played out this morning in the military town of virginia beach. that city hosted its 42nd annual veterans day parade. one of the biggest veterans day parades in the country. the federal government is giving up on a move to take over the local world war i memorial op the national mall and turn it into a national memorial. tom sherwood was there for the announcement today and joins us with more o this good news for veterans and residents of the district of columbia. tom? >> reporter: doreen, local citizens are proud of their little memorial. and they want their local history respected. the d.c. world war i memorial commemorates about 500 d.c. citizens who died in that war. the 1930s memorial encircles
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their names al feticiphabetical. the park service restored the memorial to the original glory, but some members of congress were pressing to convert the memorial to a world war i memorial for the nation. not just d.c. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton fought the nationalization of the memorial, had good news for d.c. citizens this veterans day. the memorial would remain a hometown d.c. monument. >> the d.c. war memorial, paid for, with the blood and treasure of d.c. residents will remain exclusively dedicated to the district world war i veterans. >> reporter: norton also used the press conference money to urge more respect for the d.c. flag itself. norton was joined by tommy
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rutger, a d.c. fire investigator whose son jonathan proudly joined the navy. but when he graduated, she and her husband michael boyd were embarrassed that the d.c. flag wasn't flown when state flags were flown for other graduates. >> if you're from virginia or texas, that flag would come out and that family for that recruit would cheer and yell. they went down the line, and i'm saying, this can't be. there was no flag for the district of columbia. there was no recognition for my son's service. >> reporter: norton is urging president obama and congress to require the armed services and federal government to include the d.c. flag whenever the 50 state flags are flown or used in ceremonies. jonathan's family says he loves the navy. they're proud of him and the d.c. flag. coming up on news4 at 6:00, israel fires into syria, but this may just be a warning shot. the man behind the voice of elmo is accused of having a
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relationship with an underage kid. now he comes clean about what really happened. a massive explosion came without warning obliterating homes and killing two people. and the redskins quarterback with a tribute to america's heroes.
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israel says it has exchanged gunfire with syria for the first time since the syrian uprising began two years ago. the israeli military says mortar shells from a syrian armored vehicle fell in the golden heights area today. the military said they returned fire and scored a direct hit on the vehicle. israel says it believes the shells were spillover from a border fight between syrian government forces and rebel fighters. government officials say they will continue to respond if syrian gunfire comes too close to its borders. it's been three months now since an american free lance journalist went missing in syria. austin's parents are in lebanon hoping to learn more about what happened to their son. >> we really have no idea who is holding our son. and that is our main purpose is to try to make contact with our
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son and to bring him safely home. we have no idea who is holding him. >> mark and deborah said they last heard from their son austin on august 12th. he's a marine who is no longer in active service. he was reporting on syria civil war for the "washington post" and other newspapers. his parents say he first went into syria in may through the country turkey. more top executives at the bbc are out as a result of a sex abuse scandal. they include the british broadcasters director of news and current affairs. michelle kosinski reports now the scandal has grown from allegations of cover-up to accusations against politicians. >> reporter: it started with the wild-eyed, wild-haired but much beloved bbc star, which now they believe he may be one of the
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worst abuse offenders ever. >> the whole thing has been dramatic. >> reporter: bbc was working on an investigative report on this, but dropped it, sparking allegations against the bbc of a cover-up. their competition wrote an article about sabol. and they aired another report of sex abuse of children by a politician. bbc did not name him but it surfaced online and the victim realized that was the wrong man. leading to a humiliating apology. now there's an internal investigation and current and past employees are being questioned over child abuse allegations. the former producer was arrested over the weekend and the fact that bbc's prior director takes over today as chief of "the new york times" has led to questions there, what did he know and when did he know it calling him appearing willfully ig north. the head of the governing trust said it might be time for a
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radical overhall. britain grew up on the bbc, the state broadcaster, and largest broadcaster here, the level of respect has been impeccable. but now shaken deeply. back to you. nearly 80% of venice, italy, is under water tonight. flooding is reaching historic marks. tides are at their sixth highest level since 1872. torrential rains are causing dozens of rivers to overflow and high tide is pushing water from the adriatic sea into the city. movable barriers have been in works for the years, but officials say they won't be finished until 2014 because they don't have enough money for the project. president obama holds a series of talks this week on ways to avert what they're calling the fiscal cliff in january. the president will meet with labor and business leaders beginning tomorrow. then he'll sit down with congressional leaders on friday. as brian moore reports now, the key sticking point is tax cuts for wealthier americans.
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president obama and congressional republicans are squaring off this week over tax cuts for the rich. and if they can't work out their differences by december 31st, we're all in trouble. >> you voted for action, not politics as usual. you elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours. >> reporter: the president and house speaker john boehner each are drawing a line in the sand over letting the bush era tax cuts expire for americans making more than $250,000 a year. >> instead of raising tax rates on the american people and accepting the damage it will do to our economy, let's start to actually solve the problem. >> reporter: the speaker wants a tax overhaul that raises money by cutting loopholes. if they can't hammer out a spending deal by year's end, the nation goes over the so-called fiscal cliff. taxes go up for everyone. an average of almost $3,500 per household. and there will be deep automatic spending cuts in both domestic
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spending that could hobble the economy. they want the president to address the real problem. >> and the real problem is uncontrolled entitlement spending, and the government that has grown massively. >> reporter: democrats say republicans are going to have to compromise. just like the president and his party did after getting walloped in the 2010 elections. >> we cut $900 billion in spending that we didn't like, painful to us. >> reporter: in washington, a high stakes search for middle ground. some members of both parties are willing to go over the fiscal cliff and let the next congress work it out. on capitol hill, brian moore, news4. after an outstandingly beautiful weekend, now we are here to change the tune. >> changing the tune. this one was one people were excited about, getting back to the cold weather. others not so excited about. 72 degrees today. this may be the last time we see 70 for a while. take a look. we'll show you what's happening today.
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we did see a high temperature up to 72, up to 71 yesterday. and a nice saturday. this weekend was phenomenal. a lot of people had the day off today, or at least shortened school day across parts of the region. that really helped with the nice warm temperatures, with the high of 72. and a low of 49. not bad. you look at that number and say, that's a pretty mild morning. that's exactly right. that's going to be our high tomorrow. how about that. and today, by the way, a record high of 77. so we're only five degrees away from a record today. that's how warm we were. 63 degrees currently. the clouds are continuing to move in. our rain chances continue to move in as we continue through the night tonight. 63 in winchester, 66 in culpepper. near 70 down towards fredericksburg. annapolis coming in at 62 degrees. what about that rain? well, we're snot seeing too muc of it. fauquier county, culpepper county and farther down to the south and west, beginning to
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encroach upon loudoun county and clark county, along the blue ridge here. we're going to continue to see these showers along # 6 as they move up to the north over the next few hours. but it's the rain to the west and some of it will be moderate to heavy overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. i do think tomorrow morning's rush hour is going to have a lot of problems, so you want to make sure you leave a little bit early tomorrow. here's the frontal boundary. you can see it on the back side. look at the snow back towards ohio. and also that very clear-cut right across the region. it's also clear cut with the temperatures. 63 in washington, 68 in raleigh, 37 in cincinnati, 34 in chicago. yesterday's high in chicago, 70 degrees. today's high, 39. does it sound like something we're going to be seeing here? i think so, as the numbers continue to come on down. warm temperatures out ahead of that frontal boundary. the front sweeps in overnight tonight. by early tomorrow morning it will be right on top of us around 5:00, that's when i expect to see some of the heaviest rain. you can see how the rush hour will be impacted.
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right on through the day tomorrow, winds could gust upwards of 30 to 40 miles an hour. the cold air comes in. we're talking really cold, with the windchills early tomorrow morning in the upper 20s, to lower 30s in many locations. so today you walked out of the house, you might not have even needed a jacket. tomorrow you'll need the coat. staying cool through the end of the week as well. say good-bye to the nice warm temperatures. looks like our cool weather is moving back in. rain moving in this evening, rather breezy. temperatures 57 to 63 degrees. we'll continue to see the winds increase through the night. rain chances increasing, rain likely tomorrow morning. some of that will be heavy. rather windy and cold. temperatures 37 to about 42 degrees. but colder with that windchill. as we look towards tomorrow morning, this is what to expect. again, areas of heavy rain, some of it will be heavy at times. strong, gusty winds, gusts to 30 to 40 miles an hour. i expect likely delays out there on the roadways and umbrellas and coats, you'll need them both. the big umbrellas here, because
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we'll see the strong winds. don't think the little purse um br brel la will help you in the morning. we may get some sunshine. again, with the windy and chilly area, you'll notice the huge difference tomorrow. staying cool, but we get above 50 with some sunshine. 51 on your wednesday. 52 on thursday. 54 on friday. and saturday, right now looking okay, but guys, watching what could be another coastal storm developing on sunday and into monday. this is one we'll have to watch very closely, not just for our region. but for the regions to the north, too. we'll continue to watch it right here. >> guess it's time to replace the umbrellas that got blown inside-out from the last storm. thank you, doug. coming up, a risk for autism. may have a connection with mothers getting the flu. the cab driver killed in the district, and it might have been more than a robbery gone bad. coming up in sports, the
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redskins back from the bye week and so is the cooley report. >> we'll talk about whether michael vick will be under michael vick will be under center this week.
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a different place now since the murder of a young sunt in september of last year.
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20-year-old alexis simpson is set to go on trial tomorrow for murdering dominique frazier. >> tracee wilkins explains how the death has affected the campus over the last year. >> reporter: a lot has changed on the campus of bowie state university in the last year. in the shadows of the university's expansion lies the memory of a violent night that has forever changed this campus. >> just thinking about that day just brings back so many memories of like how it hurts. >> reporter: on september 15th of last year while most of the campus enjoyed a homecoming comedy show, two students, 20-year-old alexis simpson and 18-year-old dominique frazier were in their dorm room having a disagreement over the volume of an ipod. that fight escalated into simpson stabbing and killing frazier. according to court documents, after it was over, frazier yelled to onlooking students, i didn't mean to do it. you all know what i've been through. you all jumped me. then she ran out of the dorm disappearing for hours before
6:28 pm
turning herself in to police. >> i actually live in the building where it happened. and now they're taking a lot of precautions against like violence against students and different things, like trying to work out problems and issues ahead of time. >> reporter: court records show the two girls did not get along and wanted to be separated. now the process for getting a new roommate is easier, among other changes on campus. >> i can say that students are definitely more aware of what they need to do to be safe. and there's more of a community sense on campus than there was before. >> reporter: she'll be tried on first-degree murder charges. now, if convicted she could be looking at a minimum sentence of 30 years in prison. the maximum sentence could be life behind bars without the possibility of parole. the trial begins tomorrow and is expected to run through at least thursday. in bowie, tracee wilkins, news4. she's been living with her mother in district heights. simpson's attorney is expecting her client to plead
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self-defense. a spokeswoman for bowie state university said the school has experienced a decrease in enrollment since the stabbing. the police took a student into skoed after he allegedly said he wanted to shoot some people just for fun. it happened at the rockville campus. school officials say the 19-year-old student was upset after a relationship ended. nobody was hurt. police did not find any weapons. news about the stunning resignation of david petraeus on friday. freds and former colleagues told the associated press today that petraeus was shocked to learn his mistress was suspected of sending threatening e-mails to a woman who she perceived to be a romantic rival. petraeus also told them his relationship with the second woman was platonic. a faulty furnace might be to blame for a destructive house explosion over the weekend in indianapolis, indiana. two people were killed in that blast on saturday night. dozens of other houses were destroyed. most of that neighborhood
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remains evacuated tonight while the investigation continues. we're learning more tonight about the murder of a d.c. cab driver last week. court documents say two teenagers looking for money were willing to kill to get it. darcy spencer has the new details. >> reporter: according to charging documents, the 17-year-olds charged in the shooting death of a d.c. cab driver had been dating less than a week when they allegedly robbed and killed a cabbie. a witness came forward to police after one of the suspects, linda bury, told the witness, my boyfriend and i killed a cab driver. records show the baltimore county girl watched a news story about the incident online with another witness, and showed the witness a bruise on her leg. she allegedly said she was hurt when the cab crashed here in the 1400 block of brentwood parkway wednesday night. the taxi went up in flames. an autopsy revealed the cabbie identified as quader mohammed died from a gunshot wound to the head. according to court documents, the couple were staying at a
6:31 pm
motel 6 here in washington. they realized that they were running low on money and that's when they allegedly hatched the plan to commit a robbery. records show the suspects walked to a greyhound bus station where they hailed a cab. the driver wouldn't live to see the end of his shift. they allegedly had the cabbie drive him to the rear of hamilton junior high school. that's when bury told de deck tifs mebone took a handgun and shot mohammed in the back of the head. bury told detectives once the victim had been shot, the car accelerated into some trees. bordering gallaudet university. in search of her home, detectives found a pair of jeans bury allegedly wore the night of the murder. in a pocket, there was a note that she admitted to writing. it said, we should have took the dude's money. co-workers say mohammed was a husband and father of two children. >> he was a nice person, nice gentleman. he was very serious about his work. >> reporter: darcy spencer,
6:32 pm
news4. detectives say they also found a gun and ammunition in joshua mebone's home. but it is still unclear whether that gun was the murder weapon. both teenagers are held without bond right now. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown will find out how much jail time he will get for felony bank fraud. brown is expected in federal court tomorrow for sentencing. he pled guilty over the summer. he's facing up to six months in jail. the prosecution is asking for only six days and three years probation. brown re signed as chairman of the d.c. council earlier this year. hundreds of workers at the walter reed medical center say they haven't been paid since last month. the union represents nearly 300 janitors at the facility. they have filed a complaint against the company that contracts them to work at walter reed. the workers say they are reluctant to strike because of their concern for the patients. they're asking the government to pay them directly, instead of
6:33 pm
going through the contractor. it has become a veterans day tradition at one fairfax county elementary student to have a service member come to speak to the class. an army colonel made a special appearance from afghanistan. >> reporter: these students at fort hunt elementary are on quite the veterans day field trip, they traveled 7,000 miles to kandahar, afghanistan, to spend time with colonel mike olson via a webcast. >> they fire rockets onto the airfield. they're not very good shots. >> reporter: with his third great daughter carly and fifth grader natalie and wife sarah watching along with everyone else, colonel olson took the kids on a slide show tour for his life in afghanistan. it's his fifth deployment, three to afghanistan, two to iraq. >> on the right-hand side, you can see i've got my bed. >> reporter: a bed in a very small stark room, except for this wall. covered with artwork sent by his
6:34 pm
third grader's classmates. the students got to see the dining hall, his vehicle, and some of the equipment he provides for the troops as an acquisition officer. then they got to ask questions. >> my name is megan. what do you think about the deaths of osama bin laden? do you think it affected -- >> reporter: the long-distance chance made it a memorable veterans day. >> i was really happy. it's so unusual we get to see him on the week day because we really only see him on the weekend. >> reporter: for the other students, colonel olson says he hopes the conversation might inspire a few. >> give p my experience of what i'm doing, and what i do on a daily basis, maybe i can help influence some kids in the future. >> reporter: olson said the students have certainly made their mark on his life in kandahar, with those cheerful drawings. >> they all sent personalized messages. it's just awesome.
6:35 pm
it's so great to go to bed to and wake up to knowing there's people out there that care. >> in fairfax county, julie carey, news4. >> colonel mike olson is expected home in mid-december. coming up tonight, a scandal at sesame street. a puppeteer off the job for now. because of his relationship wa teenage boy. herndon high school has a lot to cheer about tonight. we'll check it out. how are we looking, doug? >> herndon hornets. give a little bit of love to my hometown high school there. 37 in cincinnati. right now that's the cooler air coming on in. 63 for us. get ready. it's going to get really cold really quick.
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the man who performs as elmo on sesame street is taking a leave of absence from that children's show. this follows allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a 6-year-old boy. 16-year-old boy. kevin clash grew up here in maryland. he's been playing elmo since the '80s. the accuser's now 23. he first made the charges back in june. clash, that's clash you're looking at there, is 52. in a written statement to nbc news, clash said the underage allegation is false. and inflammatory. he said i had raelgsship with the accuser between two consenting adults and i am deeply saddened he's trying to
6:39 pm
characterize it as something other than what it was. a new study finds a strong link between children and autism and their mothers having the flu during pregnancy. the study looked at nearly 97,000 children in denmark. those whose mothers ran a fever for more than a week while pregnant usually caused by the flu were twice as likely to have autism. some doctors say the findings could be due to chance, but other medical experts say it's another reason for all expectant mothers to make sure they get a flu shot. lance armstrong is once again distancing himself from his cancer fighting charity to avoid backlash from his doping scandal. the now disgraced cyclist resigned from the board of livestrong. he stepped down as chairman a month ago. the anti-doping agency named him as a mandermind in a doping ring. he had all of his tour de france titles stripped. red skips quarterback robert griffin iii is putting his own take on the nfl's plan to honor the military this month.
6:40 pm
griffin was raised in a military family. yesterday he took to twitter to pay homage to veterans. it read in part, as a kid i thought my heroes were fictional characters or professional athletes, but now i realize who my real heroes are, the men and women who are still standing and have fallen, so we may live our lives free. he went on to say, heroes for what they do for us all, and what they did for me. they brought my true hero back from war, my dad. >> oh, i hope his dad was on twitter. >> i'm sure he got the message either way. dan hellie, he's out with chris cooley right now. >> hey, guys. the cooley report, redskins back from the bye week. cooley's here. we're talking robert griffin iii, and eagles as well. what else are we talking about? >> we spent an hour in my movie
6:41 pm
room deciding how to score points this week. >> the redskins need a bunch of them with the eagles coming to town.
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hello, everybody, welcome back, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. temperatures right now sitting
6:44 pm
at 63 degrees. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. they're going to continue to be settling right on through the night and they'll switch by tomorrow morning. that's when we see our temperatures change. still 68 at dulles. 66 at fort belvoir. 66 in camp spring. mild evening. here's where the rain is. out back towards leesburg, loudoun county, through fauquier county and western portions of prince william, along 66 and 50. you'll continue to see that rain. most of this will be on the light to moderate side. it's moving right on up the blue ridge over towards frederick, in the next hour. the rest of us will get in on the rain very soon. here's the frontal boundary. the cold front just back to the west with a lot of rain associated with it. right now i'm expecting to see half an inch to about 3/4 of an inch of rain total for this event. not going to be all that much in the way of rain.
6:45 pm
tomorrow morning, wind, not going to be a very good morning. 47 degrees to start off your morning. 37 in leesburg. 37 in martinsburg. windchills tomorrow morning with the rain coming down will be in the upper 20s to lower 30s, as winds will be gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, struggling to get to 50 degrees in many locations. i think 49 is all we're going to get to in washington. although i think we'll start to see some sunshine by late tomorrow afternoon. through midnight tonight, we are starting to see the rain come through, even around the i-95 corridor. everybody seeing the rain by tomorrow morning. about 1/2 an inch of rain by 7:00 a.m. give yourself a lot of extra time on your tuesday morning. >> thanks, doug. dan is out there with chris cooley hanging out in the man cave. >> is that what that is, the man cave, guys? >> is that what we call it? >> i don't call it anything because i never really come down here. i'm glad you guys are here so we
6:46 pm
can actually use this room. >> we're getting the first look, huh? >> there you go. he said he wanted to do the cooley report from his house today, we said why not. everybody's feeling refreshed after the bye week. you're now 3-6. cowboys not playing very well, next week's opponent not praying ve playing very well. how do you help in terms of the passing game? who's going to help the offense move the ball is this. >> we've had guys step up throughout the season. we just have to consistently have those efforts. santana's had a big year. josh morgan has been tops in the league as far as catches when he's targeted to. hopefully you get a guy like pierre garcon back. you just have to have guys continue to make plays, continue to build, have the receivers, tight ends, running backs continue to make bigger plays. i think that's what was effective earlier in the season was explosive plays, and we're
6:47 pm
capable of that. >> i think everybody would like to see chris cooley get more involved in the offense. two games back, two losses, no catches. >> thanks for that intro. i'm so excited to be back. i'm excited to be a part of this team. i don't know if i should go and cry to mike shanahan, or -- maybe talk to the owner. but i'm excited to be a part of the team. in whatever capacity i'm used in is what i can do. other than that, i don't know where to go from. but i'm excited to be back. i feel like i'm very, very capable of making plays for this team. and when my time comes, that's when it comes, and i'll have to take that opportunity. >> pierre garcon did practice today. didn't sound like he was 100%. doesn't know whether he's going to play on sunday. on the other side of the ball, brandon meriwether said he's felt as good as he's felt since he was healthy in the preseason. the pass defense ranked 30th in the nfl. how do you prevent the big plays
6:48 pm
to come from the defense? >> they have to continue to work but continue what they've done well early in the season. they have to be able to put pressure on the quarterback. they have struggled with that all year. i think brandon meriwether is a huge help. whatever capacity it is, we have to slow people down a little bit. look at a team, even like the new england patriots last year 31st in total defense and they made it to the super bowl. it's a team effort, and it has to continue to be a team effort. the defense will look to step up. but they have to get some turnovers and create some pressure. >> head coach mike shanahan took heat from the post-game comments saying this was the time he would evaluate players. basically making it sound like the rest of the season was a chance for him to look at guys who didn't normally play as much. he addressed the situation with you guys the following monday. what was your reaction to that? >> my initial thought is coaching is a constant evaluation. i think that's what they always look at. what can we do better, where can
6:49 pm
we get better. and this is a very good opportunity for the staff to evaluate players. not because they're going to put young guys in to the end of the year, but because you're going to see how guys deal with adversity. the coach was frustrated with the game. it wasn't the way he wanted it to come out. it wasn't the way everyone wanted it to come out. that's not really what he meant. he talked to the players early about it and say we'll play to win. we want to win football games. we're right in the hunt. i think that's true. he was frustrated after the game. it probably wasn't exactly the way he wanted it to come out. as far as athletes, coaches, it happens to all of us. >> you said you're in it, and it's hard to believe you're in it at 3-6. if you went out, your next opponent is 3-6 eagles who will be playing this game without their starting quarterback mike vick who suffered a severe concussion against the cowboys. let's look at how this went down. michael vick has been struggling for much of the year and has been on the verge of getting benched because he hasn't played well in the second quarter on
6:50 pm
back-to-back plays. vick's head hits the ground. vick leaves the game with a concussion. and they said today that it is a significant concussion. one report says that he could sit for the rest of the season. so his replacement was a rookie out of arizona, he threw a 44-yard touchdown the in the third. in the fourth, throws it behind jackson, picked off by carr. he returns it 47 yards for the touchdown. even with all the drama, still in it late in this game. under a minute to play. down by eight. deep in their own territory. ruh-roh. hit, fumbles, game, set and match. the eagles lose 38-23 to the cowboys. the eagles now 3-6. the cowboys 4-5. would you rather see the rookie in there instead of michael vick, even though vick hasn't played well this year? >> ruh-roh, i like that. we have to look at what we can
6:51 pm
do better. i don't think in any way we're looking at exactly who's playing quarterback as a benefit to us. we'll evaluate what we need to do. we'll have a game plan for what we need to do. i'm going to evaluate my vocabulary. >> let's evaluate the nhl now. >> are we going to play? >> i do not know if they're going to play just yet. they met seven out of the last nine days. they don't have any meetings scheduled in the near future but they are a lot closer on revenue sharing, which is a big deal. head coach of the capitals going into the hall of fame tonight. >> the last couple of weeks, practicing the speech, it's amazing how you can get nervous practicing by yourself. i never put myself in the category of wayne gretzky or people i thought were special players. am i honored by it?
6:52 pm
absolutely. i can't say i put myself there. >> i'm sure he'd like to be coaching an actual nhl hockey game. one final note. brice harper, the national league rookie of the year, things are looking bright for our washington nationals. hopefully the redskins can take a page out of their book. >> heck of a year for brice. such potential. >> it's going to be fun. guys? >> a lot to look forward to the next baseball season. >> no doubt. >> maybe some games here this season, too. we might get through the football season okay, don't you think? >> i hope so. thanks, guys. coming up, a tribute to the most decorated marine in history.
6:53 pm
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♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. three cheers for the herndon high school cheer team. right, doug? >> so exciting. >> doug's alma mater took the top spot at the virginia high school league state cheer championship. it was held at virginia commonwealth university on saturday night. this is the first ever state championship for that team.
6:56 pm
way to go. herndon high's cheer team. tonight on news4 at 11:00, more fallout from david petraeus' extramarital affair, and major changes in the district could impact the kind of care you receive in an emergency. and the four things you should final check, doug? >> let's see the herndon video again. no, we've got the seven-day forecast coming up. looking good for the next couple of days for those of you telling me you want it cool again. 49 tomorrow for a high. but the temperatures are not going to feel all that warm with the windchill tomorrow, in the low 40s. next couple of days highs only in the 50s. this weekend, watching what could be another coastal storm. we'll continue to watch out for that. once again, tomorrow morning will be quite tough getting around. leave a little bit early. thank you, doug. there is probably not a marine alive who doesn't know the name dusty bulllock.
6:57 pm
lewis pol ar was born in west point, virginia, back in 1898. he attended the virginia military institute but only for a year. world war i was under way. he thought his time would be better spent on the front lines. but the war ended before he got to the front. but my goodness, did he see plenty of action in world war ii, korea, and elsewhere. he became the most decorated marine in history and is the only marine to be awarded five navy crosses. he retired at the rank of lieutenant general. his reputation as the consummate marine endures to this day. quite a man. that's our broadcast for now. "nightly news" coming up next.
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